Movement Pattern Analysis is a comprehensive system for assessing a person's core motivations in decision-making processes — how a person is motivated to reach decisions and take action, alone and with others. MPA is based on disciplined observation and analysis of nonverbal behaviour and has a wide range of applications, from management consulting to career guidance. Rigorous research has demonstrated the ability of MPA to predict behaviour in decision-making.

Understanding individual motivation allows people to benefit more from their potential strengths and allows teams to benefit more from the complementary potential of those in the team — leading to greater personal satisfaction, productivity and co-operative interaction. 

MPA enhances personal development and balanced decision-making — alone and in groups. MPA also provides practical guidelines for effective and strategic people management — also enabling better talent development and retention. 


MPA was developed by Warren Lamb in the 1940's and '50s, building upon the innovations of movement theorist Rudolf Laban and management consultant F. C. Lawrence. 

Over 30,000 individuals—primarily those involved in senior management—have made use of MPA-Profiles, and some companies and multinational corporations have continued their success with MPA for over three decades. See coaction.dk for a list of professional references.


Introductory courses, lectures and specially designed workshops are offered in the United States and several European countries. 

Introductory courses usually take place over three days and include the establishment and interpretation of each individual's own MPA-Profile (to be made by an MPA-Practitioner prior to the course). 

The introductory course is required before pursuing professional training.

For more information, contact James McBride.


Professional (advanced) training and supervision is offered in the United States and Europe. Succesful completion of an introductory course is a prerequisite for beginning advanced training. 

Advanced training is divided into three stages spanning over a period of two to three years. Much of the MPA education takes place on a one-to-one basis, alongside a personal trainer and supervisor. Exams and professional certifications are administered by The Warren Lamb Trust.


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