About MPA

Movement Pattern Analysis is probably the most comprehensive system available for assessing a person's core motivations in decision-making processes—how a person is motivated to take action and make decisions, alone and with others. MPA is based on disciplined observation and analysis of nonverbal behavior and has a wide range of applications, from management consulting to career guidance.

Understanding individual motivation is the key to greater personal satisfaction, productivity and co-operative interaction.

MPA enhances personal development and balanced decision-making—alone and in groups. MPA also provides practical guidelines for effective and strategic people management.


Brief History

MPA was developed by Warren Lamb in the 1940's and '50s, building upon the innovations of movement theorist Rudolf Laban and management consultant F. C. Lawrence.

Over 30,000 individuals—primarily those involved in senior management—have made use of MPA-Profiles, and some companies and multinational corporations have continued their success with MPA for over three decades. See www.coaction.dk for a list of professional references.